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Today we are going to show you how easy it is to get up and running on a WordPress blog using HostGator. Make sure to take advantage of HostGator’s Cyber Monday sale:

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The first step to setting up hosting is to open a window to HostGator and begin the signup process. We’ll walk you through the steps to signup so that you can get up and running quickly.

Choose Your Plan

There are three levels of shared web hosting available: the Hatchling, Baby and Business Plans. The main differences are the Hatchling Plan only includes a single domain, so if all you are looking to host is one website, you should choose this option. Otherwise, select the Baby plan to host multiple WordPress websites.

HostGator WordPress Setup Step 2

The next step is to complete the registration form. If you already have a domain name, select the ‘I Already Own This Domain’ tab and enter your domain name in the box below. You may also register a new domain name, which comes at additional cost. You have the option of choosing anywhere from 1 month to 3 years of hosting, and you’ll get the best price if you choose 3. We recommend you register for at least 1 year of hosting to give your website a chance to establish itself.

HostGator Add-Ons

After you’ve entered your billing information and decided on additional services such as:
1. HackAlert Monitoring – if you do not regularly update your website and monitor traffic for hackers and spam, you run the risk of getting hacked and having your website shut down. With HackAlert Monitoring, you will receive a notification the second your website is hacked or injected with malicious code.
2. Professional Email – using a service like Google to host your email puts your data on the cloud so you can synchronize it across multiple devices. It also includes Google contacts and calendar. You may also set up your own email accounts and configure an email application like Outlook to download the data.
3. Site Backup – a managed backup service for your website. If you do not backup regularly and you have a problem, you may not be able to recover your website at all.
4. SSL Certificate – this adds a secure layer to your website so you can encrypt sensitive data like credit cards and social security numbers. Most blogs do not need this feature.

HostGator WordPress Setup Step 3

For Cyber Monday, the coupon code is CM2016. Review your order and submit it to begin setting up your web hosting plan.

Find the WordPress Installer

Once your hosting plan is ready, you will find a series of icon-filled containers. In the top container you will find popular links, including WordPress Installer. Select this option to use the auto-installation tool to install and configure WordPress on your server.

HostGator WordPress Setup Step 4

Enter Domain Details

On the next screen, choose your domain and an optional directory to install WordPress. If you want your website to be just your domain name, do not enter a directory.

HostGator WordPress Setup Step 5

Enter Blog Details

Next, enter your Blog Title, fill in an Administration User, your first and last name along with the email address you want to associate with this website. Check off the Terms of Service Agreement and click the Install Now button to deploy WordPress.

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HostGator WordPress Setup Step 6

Login to WordPress

The installer will return your Admin User along with a complex password. You can copy and paste the password into the WordPress Admin login screen: www.YourDomain.com/wp-admin.

HostGator WordPress Setup Step 7

Change Your Password (Optional)

To change your password, navigate to the Users section and click your username, then scroll down to the bottom of the form where you find the Account Management header. By clicking Generate Password, you’ll generate a new complex password that you can replace with your own.

HostGator WordPress Setup Step 8

And now you have a complete WordPress installation ready to begin blogging. Simply add a new Post under the Posts navigation to start blogging.

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